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 オールコンパス合同会社(神奈川県横浜市 代表社員 松岡直紀)は、組織変更により、2023年3月1日を効力発生日として「オールコンパス株式会社」へ名称変更を致しました。この変更に伴い、英文名称は「allcompass Ltd.」より「Allcompass Inc.」に変更致しました。


  • 経営チームの組成と強化(CFO経営参画による経営企画力の強化)
  • 最適なDE比率による資金調達(外部資本・エクイティによる資金調達準備)
  • 国際競争力をもたらすエコシステム形成(海外のビジネスパートナーとの協業)



また、マーケティングカンパニーとしてエンドユーザー視点でのサービス開発として、「ASiRec SPORTS」( )を2月を目処にリリース致します。データベースにマーケティング・ブランディングのアセットを掛け合せることでより良いコミュニケーションの場を提供し、「スポーツと人を結ぶコミュニケーションプラットフォーム」にすべくスピーディなシステム及びサービス開発を行って参ります。


allcompass Ltd.(Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Employee Naoki Matsuoka) has changed its name to "Allcompass Inc." with an effective date of March 1, 2023 due to an organizational change. Along with this change, the English name has been changed from "allcompass Ltd." to "Allcompass Inc.".

Through this organizational change, we aim to maximize value creation and improve corporate value. Upon this organizational change,

 - Formation and strengthening of the management team (enhancement of management planning capabilities through CFO participation in management)

 - Financing with optimal DE ratio (preparation for financing with external capital/equity)

 - Formation of an ecosystem that brings international competitiveness (collaboration with overseas business partners)

etc. will be executed sequentially.

In addition to the conventional sales business of sports and wellness devices, our business will strengthen the solution business for marketing, branding and promotion for business companies, while focusing on sports, which is our business domain.

In addition, as a marketing company, we will release "ASiRec SPORTS" ( around February as a service development from the end user's point of view. By combining the assets of marketing and branding with the database, we will provide a place for better communication and develop speedy systems and services to make it a “communication platform that connects sports and people”.

We will continue to aim to be a marketing company that can deliver the right value to the right person and provide “perfect for each and every person” while turning both wheels of service for business companies and end users.

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